The Magic of Life

When we think of a miracle we usually imagine something awe-inspiring, mind-blowing, beyond comprehension or logical explanation. Miracles are blessings that may appear rare but actually, they occur more often than we realize…right before our eyes. Just ask any parent who has witnessed the birth of their child.

Long before we get to hold our babies for the first time, the magic of life begins with the merging of two completely different cells perfectly designed for each other, the male sperm and the female egg. Out of nowhere a heart starts beating, limbs begin sprouting, brain impulses bursting, eyes, ears and nose begin taking on shape.

How do those cells know what to do? Where do they get directions on what to form? What force dictates what they should become? With such precision! Nobody, not even modern science can explain the miracle of life.

The video below captures that magic so well that you can’t help but wonder how could such miracle exist. And yet, it does. Enjoy watching and feel free to share this magical video with your family and friends.

Video credit: FX Studio

Music credit: Trailerhead “The Age of Discovery”

Copyright © 2012  Zoe Vaklinova All Rights Reserved

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