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I can’t believe March is around the corner. Time really flies since the year began. And I realize that I have not posted new blogs for a while. Let’s change this and give you some highlights of what has been going on in my life lately.

First things first – RAWbundant. Since we vacated our rental kitchen last October, many people have emailed and asked me what is going on with my raw vegan product line. It turns out we are greatly missed by loyal fans of our snacks. Unfortunately, we are not yet back in production but I can assure you, I have one and only resolution for 2013 – to raise capital and get RAWbundant back into stores.

After we launched RAWbundant in select natural food stores in Manhattan and NJ in early 2012, the demand escalated rapidly. Things were no longer as simple as renting a space and working around the clock to fulfill orders.  While we hired more employees, it became apparent that we need a larger, independent facility that can accommodate the growth of our company.

It’s truly a blessing to see RAWbundant get to this level. Who would have thought that my home creations would become so popular on the natural foods market?!  Believe me, I am deeply grateful. Haven’t been for all the positive feedback from our customers and fans, I don’t think I would have been able to sustain the tough times that we went through on our journey. It’s because of you, folks, that my fight continues to bring us back on the shelves.

While we are in transition, there are a couple of other exciting projects going on. TV host and a huge fan of our products, Ereka Vetrini, invited me to be a guest on her upcoming TV show Naturally Beautiful. You may know Ereka from the first season of The Apprentice. She and I filmed the segment last Wednesday, discussing the raw food diet while featuring RAWbundant products. We even made my famous Chocolate Mousse dessert.

Ereka and I on the set of Naturally Beautiful.
Showing how to make my Magnificent Chocolate Mousse

The show Naturally Beautiful will air in April 2013 on Veria, a channel dedicated to holistic living. Check your local listings to see if it airs in your area. I will definitely post more specific updates as time gets closer.

The other interesting project I have been working on is a Gluten-free Flour Blend. I was inspired to create it after too many failed attempts with gluten-free baking mixes on the market. If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen pictures of the successful experiments I’ve had using my new mix. I don’t want to give out too many details yet but know this, it will revolutionize the way you bake. It’s really that good!

On a more personal note, lately I have been obsessed with makeup. Not just any makeup but eco-friendly, chemical-free, cruelty-free, and preferably vegan-friendly makeup. I have been experimenting with products from Tarte, Hourglass, Lorac, Boscia, Ole Henriksen. Who knows, I may dabble in making video reviews/tutorials on natural makeup in the future. 🙂

That’s about it for now. Thank you for taking the time to read and follow me on here, Facebook , Twitter and my YouTube channel. I really appreciate it. Till soon…


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2 thoughts on “Coming Soon to TV Near You

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  1. So good to see you back. I am 100% holistic and trying to be more raw but it is not always easy. I need to mix and am interested in your products as I use gluten free for so many family and friends.
    Thanks Zoe!

  2. Have a question about the food chart. It says on the chart not to mix certain foods with other foods. Your smoothie cross’s these lines, and I do not understand. Can I mix them ok, if I’m juicing them or making a smoothie? Or is this chart just meant for eating foods whole? Please respond to me using only my email, as I do not want to be on face book or tweeter. So enjoy your blog and I have learned alot. Thank You Sincerely,
    Teri Foust

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