The Magic of Life

When we think of a miracle we usually imagine something awe-inspiring, mind-blowing, beyond comprehension or logical explanation. Miracles are blessings that may appear rare but actually, they occur more often than we realize...right before our eyes. Just ask any parent who has witnessed the birth of their child. Long before we get to hold our …

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Soul on Fire – My Childbirth Story

Disclaimer: The following blog contains highly regarded personal information. I chose to make it public so that I could share the miracle of childbirth with others. Please refrain from judging or using this experience as a measuring stick. Each birth is beautiful and unique in its own way. Thank you. Update 5/11/09 - My story …

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Stroke of Insight ~ Highly Recommended Video!

Dear Friends, I would like to share a very meaningful video with you, called "Stroke of Insight".     Imagine this... You wake up tomorrow morning and start getting ready for work just as any other weekday of your life. But something about your routine doesn't seem right. You are about to experience a brain …

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