The Magic of Life

When we think of a miracle we usually imagine something awe-inspiring, mind-blowing, beyond comprehension or logical explanation. Miracles are blessings that may appear rare but actually, they occur more often than we realize...right before our eyes. Just ask any parent who has witnessed the birth of their child. Long before we get to hold our... Continue Reading →

Happy New 2010 Year!

Just want to take the time to wish everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed new 2010 year! It's not only the beginning of another year but the mark of a whole new decade! Imagine all the possibilities that await us. Are you excited yet??? In this video I share my new year's resolutions. I... Continue Reading →

The Interconnected Tree of Life

This morning a moment of truth flashed before my eyes. Light rain was drizzling over the tree in our backyard. Most leaves had already fallen to the ground but there were still many left, clinging to the branches for one last chance to be part of the mother tree. Don't ask me why but the... Continue Reading →

The Encounter and Beyond

My friend Alex sent me a link to a Coca Cola commercial aired in Brazil this year. At first I didn't think much of it and felt a little apprehensive since I am not a fan of soda (Coca Cola especially). But I figured to check it out of curiosity. Was I surprised! Had it... Continue Reading →

Soul on Fire – My Childbirth Story

Disclaimer: The following blog contains highly regarded personal information. I chose to make it public so that I could share the miracle of childbirth with others. Please refrain from judging or using this experience as a measuring stick. Each birth is beautiful and unique in its own way. Thank you. Update 5/11/09 - My story... Continue Reading →

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