If you are someone who is interested in learning more about Master Cleanse, you’ve come to the right place. After successfully completing three Master Cleanses, I have developed this section to my blog to educate and assist everyone who is contemplating of doing the cleanse. My goal is to give you the right information, tools and products so that you can have a smooth and positive experience just as I have. Once you are fully informed, you can make your decision if and when to begin the cleanse.

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What is the purpose of Master Cleanse?

  • Dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion formed in the body.
  • Cleanse the kidney and digestive system.
  • Purify the glands and cells throughout the body.
  • Relieve pressure from the nerves, arteries, and blood vessels.
  • Build a healthy blood stream.
  • Keep tissue youth and elasticity regardless of our years.

Please note that even though some refer to it as The Lemonade Diet, this is not a diet but a temporary cleanse. The goal is to remove toxic matter from the body. The few pounds that you may shed are just added bonus.

What does Master Cleanse consist of?

  • The Lemonade
  • Laxative Tea
  • Saltwater Flush

What ingredients do I need to begin?

  • Raw Coconut Nectar
  • Laxative Tea
  • Grey Sea Salt
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Lemons
  • Distilled and Spring/Purified Water

What is The Lemonade Recipe?

  • 2 Tablespoons Lemon Juice
  • 2 Tablespoons Raw Coconut Nectar
  • 1/8 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
  • 10 oz. Water (spring or purified)


What is the Saltwater Flush?

The Saltwater Flush is a vital part of the cleanse. It’s a safe and inexpensive alternative to enemas or colonics, and does a better job of cleansing the whole tract. Without it would be much harder for the toxins to leave your body.

Taken first thing in the morning, the Flush works by moving through the body and breaking up fecal matter, which is then carried out of the body with the water. The salt and water don’t separate, and it has the same specific density as blood. The kidneys, therefore, can not collect the water, and the blood cannot collect the salt. The liquid will move through the body uninterrupted and clean toxins from the intestines as it moves through.

  • 1 Quart (32 oz.) lukewarm filtered or distilled water
  • 2 teaspoons Grey (Celtic) Sea Salt
  • Mix well and drink within 30 minutes


What is the purpose of the ingredients in the cleanse?

  • Raw Coconut Nectar – low glycemic sweetener. It’s much more nutritious than maple syrup making it a perfect substitute for the cleanse.
  • Laxative Tea – it helps the elimination process. Since you are not eating solid food, there is no fiber that can move waste out of the colon. Laxative tea triggers that process.  The brand  I recommend is Yogi’ Get Regular.
  • Grey Sea Salt – one of the healthiest salts on the market. Harvested using wooden tools of the Isle of Noirmoutier near Brittany, France, this salt undergoes no treatment after harvesting. Neither washed, nor refined, it keeps all of its 84 trace minerals vital to the human body.
  • Cayenne Pepper – Cayenne is a medicinal and nutritional herb. It is a very high source of Vitamins A & C, has the complete B complexes, and is very rich in organic calcium and potassium, which is one of the reasons it is good for the heart. It aids elimination and assimilation, and helps the body to create hydrochloric acid, which is so necessary for good digestion and assimilation, especially of proteins.
  • Lemons – act as blood purifier and improve the body’s ability to get rid of toxins. The anti-bacterial properties of lemons are excellent in fighting disease that’s related to infection. While the juice is acidic, when combined with the digestive juices in the stomach, it becomes alkaline, therefore helping us maintaining healthy alkaline state.

Why substitute maple syrup for coconut nectar?

When Stanley Burroughs developed the recipe, there was no such thing as raw coconut nectar. He chose maple syrup over other sweeteners because it provided the most nutrients. However, a new product on the market is raw coconut nectar which is far superior to maple syrup. Here are some of its remarkable qualities:

  • 100% RAW – unlike maple syrup and the controversial agave nectar, coconut nectar is never processed over 115 degrees, which allows for all the naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins and minerals to remain intact.
  • 100% VEGAN – not sure if you are aware but not all sweeteners are completely free of animal byproducts. Over half of the cane refineries in the United States use bone char (charcoal made from animal bones) as their activated carbon source to purify sugar. And honey is a byproduct of bees, so technically, it’s not vegan. Stanley Burroughs also advises against taking honey internally. Raw coconut nectar is absolutely vegan free of any animal byproducts.
  • Low Fructose – one of the most impressive advantages is that the raw coconut sap has only 1.5% fructose when collected from the blossoms. As this sap is dried and thickened, removing much of the water, the fructose content of the final liquid only reaches about 10%. That’s far lower than the 50% – 90% fructose found in agave nectar products.
  • Low Glycemic – raw coconut nectar has GI of 35 whereas maple syrup has GI of 54 and honey GI of 55.
  • Abundance of Nutrients – with more than 17 Amino Acids and plethora of minerals, vitamin C and B vitamins, raw coconut nectar has an unmatched nutritional profile.
  • Neutral pH – last but not least, it’s nice to know that consuming this product won’t interfere with our natural body pH during the cleanse.

How long is the cleanse?

The minimum required period is 10 days. Doing any less would not produce the full effect of detoxification. Some people have gone longer. My advice is to listen to your body for that subtle signal when to break it. If this is your first time, 10 days should be sufficient.

Need some inspiration? Check out these videos sharing my personal account on Master Cleanse.

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Good Luck!


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  1. Hi!

    Love your You-Tube viedos and am getting lots of inspiration and help to change my body for the better…. and I am an old lady.

    May you and yours be blessed and happy always.


  2. Lili, you are only as old as you think. Keep following my blogs and videos and I’ll help you live as healthy life as possible. 🙂

  3. Hi Zoe! Thank you for all your knowledge. I have my lemonade made, my salt water flush ready for the morning, and drank my Yogi tea! Yippee, I’m ready to begin my 10 day cleanse! Oh, and I’m going too journal as I go. Thanks again to a great teacher! Lynn

  4. Hi Zoe, maybe I missed it in the video, but what is the measurement for the sea salt water? Like is it 2Tbsp per 10oz? Etc.. Thanks! Love your website!!

  5. Hi Zoe, can you tell me if you can send the Master Cleanse to Scotland, I mean everything that I need to do a Master cleanse, I stay in Shetland Isles an Island North of Scotland and how much the postage would be also how much it would be for the Master cleanse.

  6. You are so inspiring! I’ve watched your videos, read your blog and I appreciate how you explain everything in detail. My husband and I are going to do the cleanse-our first time and we keep going back to your videos. You look amazing! We are excited about the cleanse and will definitely be referencing back to your blog/videos. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed!

  7. hello! I was wondering if the recipe for the cleanse is what you should drink daily or if you should drink more than one serving? I would prefer to drink one serving throughout the day but is it better to drink more or less? I read somewhere that it’s better to drink less lemonade and more water. it also said to only drink the lemonade when you feel hungry and water when you are thirsty. I would love your input! :]

  8. Sama, not sure what you’ve read but my instructions are very clear. You’ll be drinking the Lemonade ONLY during the cleanse. You need to get at a minimum 6 x 10 oz. glasses of it a day. You may drink water or herbal tea as well but that’s not a substitute for the Lemonade.

  9. Thanks Zoe for your wisdom and sharing all your knowledge and products with us. You are the BEST!! Gisella

  10. Hello today is my 7th day I will be starting the ease out process tomorrow I did the SWF only the first day could not handle it. I did the tea morning and evening. While start the orange juice for the 3 days easing out do I still continue drinking the laxative tea. By the way I feel better then before and lost 15 lbs. as of this morning. And great job u do look great and thanks for the advise!!!

  11. I was wondering if there is an acceptable age to start the master cleanse? I am quite spiritual (I get it from my grandma) and I believe that I need to cleanse my body to refresh it from the fattening western diet. My parents, however, are the opposite and are telling me it is extremely unhealthy for me! I’m sixteen and although I am a healthy weight and look healthy on the outside I don’t FEEL healthy on the inside.


  12. hi Zoe, thank you so much for your inspirational and informative videos on YT. I just discovered you a couple of weeks ago, and just complete my first Master Cleanse! I feel like a brand new person. THank you for all you do!!

  13. I wanted to order some products. I also wanted to tell you that your a great inspriration. I started the cleanse today. But, couldn’t find coconut nectar.
    Thank you Zoe


  14. I want to make this. Can you please tell me how to make the salt water flush(or whatever it is called)?

  15. Hi,
    I am very interested in purchasing your complete set for $80.
    Do you ship to London? If so, how much more is that? And ow long would it take?

  16. hi Zoe,
    I am from Germany and there is no chance to get coconut nectar here. Are u shipping to Germany too?
    Your site is very inspiring.


  17. Hi Zoe!

    Wanted to ask a ? unrelated to Master Cleanse.

    Would you mind offering your opinion on Grapeseed Oil?

    Thanking you in advance for your feedback..


  18. Holy, I really like Grapeseed oil because it has a high heat point and is odorless, making it suitable for baked goods and recipes where you don’t want the oil flavor to overwhelm the rest. Make sure you only purchase cold-pressed and not the refined with Xenane. That is a chemical.

  19. Dear Zoe

    Love your site and I am embarking on doing the master cleanse I was going to purchase the maple syrup but now have seen your master cleanse package do you ship to London England and how much will that cost in sterling

  20. Hi Zoe!
    I like that you have the nutritional data listed for the coconut nectar. I’d like to know where you obtained this information. I’d like to do a side-by-side comparison with Grade B maple syrup. Google hasn’t been too helpful or as detailed as you.


  21. Wow-you are so inspiring! I’m seriously considering doing the master cleanse but would love to know how well you think it would go being that I’ll be cooking, fixing food, packing lunches for my three kids and husband during that time. Will being around all the food and still having to grocery shop be too difficult for me to do the cleanse successfully? Thanks for all your knowledge!

  22. Hi, my husband and I were researching the master cleanse and I was wondering what your views on doing it while breastfeeding were. I am strictly breastfeeding my 6 month old son.

  23. Do not attempt the cleanse if you are still breastfeeding. Wait until you are finished and then do it. In the meantime, you can always do mini juice cleanses on weekends.

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    P.S. This article is at least 400 words, and will have 2 links in the bio at the bottom of the article. If you have any specific guidelines, please let me know.

  25. Is there a replacement for the maple syrup/ coconut nectar, as neither are available where I live?

  26. Hi, i try to get the raw coconut nectar, because im ready for star the master cleanse jan, 1, i need to get everything i need now, more info about salt water flush.
    thank u.

  27. i am thinking about doing a master cleanse but keep reading about some peoples hair begins to fall out after doing one. Did this happen to you and can it be prevented somehow?

  28. Hi Zoe,
    Is the Yogi Tea – Pure the same as you mentioned in the youtube film? I think there is a little difference cause of the language. 😉 Hope you can help me.

    Greetz, Marc

  29. Instead of going through all this… all you really need to do is coffee enemas and drink veggie juice. Much easier.

  30. Hi , I am curious about 2 things; 1st, the Vitamix blender that you sell, and 2nd, the food blending chart. Could you please send me that info to my gmail address? Thanks so much . You have been a tremendous inspiration to me!!

  31. No medications or supplements should be taken during the cleanse. Please consult with your doctor prior to discontinuing any prescription medications.

  32. How do I purchase the Complete Master Cleanse Set – 5 bottles of raw coconut nectar, 1 box laxative tea, 2 oz. cayenne pepper, 1 pound grey sea salt, my complete guide, access to my online blogs and videos, and unlimited support via call/text/email. And is this all I need for the 10 days? This is my first Master Cleanse.

  33. I wish I would have discovered your blog prior…I am on day 7 of the master cleanse and paln on living “raw” post….but am glad I found you….look forward to discovering your healthy success!

  34. Hi Zoe,

    Can you please let me know the cost of getting the master cleanse set shipped to W. Australia? My zip is 6210…


    Tracy 🙂

  35. Zoe, I live in CT and would like to buy your cleanse kit. Is it a 10-day kit? Does the total cost $80 include shipping? I clicked on paypal above and it didn’t work. I have never used paypal before though. Please email me to let me know how to buy it. I also asked to be part of your facebook group. Thanks, Stephanie

  36. Stephanie, the set is for the 10 days. You may want to order a couple of extra bottles in case you’d like to go longer. I will email you the information on payment.

  37. Hi Zoe,
    I was hoping to get more info on the salt water flush. What are the measurements and instructions for the flush ?
    Thank you for your help,

  38. Zoe,
    I need mor information and instructions for the salt flush. I wasnt sure what the measurements were.
    Thanks so much for your help,

  39. hi Zoe,
    I have a question: Is in the Yogi tea stinging nettle?

    Greetings from Germany


  40. I’m ready to do this but confused. Drink the lemonade all day for 10 days since its my first time. Then…. when to drink the tea and how to do the salt flush. Was going tru your instructors but the vid is gone. HELP pls.

  41. Hi!
    I have tried the Master Cleanse before and it wasn’t the hunger that bothered me the most, it was the flavor. I love lemons, I like maple, and cayenne is great, but all together was very off-putting to me. I think subbing the coconut nectar will fix the maple flavor but there’s still the cayenne. Could I make just the lemon/nectar/water mix and take an organic cayenne supplement?

  42. Yes, you can substitute the cayenne pepper powder with the pills form. Make sure you take at least 6 capsules spread throughout the day.

  43. Hi Zoe,
    Loved your videos 2010, 2011 about MasterCleanse. You’re truly inspiring.
    I bought the book and I am about to start doing the cleanse. But with your blog and your help and tips you’re making it so motivating to jump on that wagon!
    I’m a 41 year old mother of two beautiful boys. Weight has been my demon for years. Every diet and program I’ve done it. Nothing has worked. Now I’m like 35 lbs overweight. This is the last shot I have. I have hypothyroidism which makes everything so hard. I’m hoping to keep watching and reading your blog…Thanks for showing up in my life!!! I will let you know how it goes!!!

  44. I read in stanleys book that you should always mix the lemonade right before drinking to keep all the nutrients. I notice you pre- mix for each day. Is this okay to do?


  45. Hi Zoe
    I have another question… Would you say that with using the coconut nectar, it would be a good cleanse for fighting yeast infections? I’ve read in many places that you shouldn’t do the master cleanse if you have an abundance of yeast in the body because the yeast feeds off of the sugar in the maple syrup. Im on my 2nd day of the cleanse, using coconut nectar. Please help

  46. I had a kidney Transplant in 2009 and wanted try a fasting juice diet. Do you think it would help or hurt me?

  47. Hi Zoe, Thanks for your blog, it’s been great for inspiration in my preparation to do the master cleanse. I can get all of the ingredients because I live in a place where coconuts, lemons and cayenne pepper grow in abundance but I am wondering whether I can substitute the coconut nectar and filtered water with coconut water and part filtered water. Coconut nectar is much harder to extract from the coconut tree than harvesting the green coconuts for the coconut milk. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  48. Zoe can you explain how the salt water works (flush)…I did not get the basics from you video on how to use that with the lemonade cleanse…thanks.

  49. Zoe, I came across your page because I am very interested in doing the Master Cleanse, however I am on the Byetta shot for my insulin and I’m not sure if I can do the cleanse while on this medication. I can’t find much information out there and was wondering if you knew if it would be okay and if so are there any modifications I would need to make? Thanks so much!

  50. Also, could you use Agave instead of Coconut Nectar? What would the pros and cons be?

  51. Hi Zoe, you are my inspiration for doing the MC for the first time. I am 50 and have started to feel the effects of aging. I look forward to follow in your footsteps to a healthy lifestyle with your green drinks and raw abundance. I did get light grey cletic sea salt Vital Mineral blend Coarse. I thought I got fine ground but must have hit wrong button. Would this be an okay to use in the SWF? It is hand harvested, sun dired whole salt with no additives. I am wondering if it is coarse, do I need to add more than a 2 Tsp. What do you think? Thanks for any input and I look forward to a new lifestyle.

  52. OH yes and I was also interested in the pre-mix as I also read, like Candice, that it should not be pre-mixed.

  53. wow i watches all your videos i would love to do this just cant afford to i have 3 kids and my husband is the only one working i have lost 52 lbs already and i have 18 more to go but cant seem to get it off i have been stuck with having only 18 more to go for almost 8 months and im starting to get down about it

  54. Very interested in the Master Cleanse since I’m already a vegetarian. One concern I have is about how many times are you using the restroom since it is a 10 day cycle?

  55. Tomorrow will be the starting day of my first master cleanse. I am excited and curious what will happen. 🙂
    Can I do my normal sport activities? Like Karate, mountainbiking, running and roadbiking?
    Greetz, Marc

  56. I did the salt flush, maple syrup, lemon water and cayenne pepper drink for 3 days. 1st day was hard but then I felt better. I had watermelon juice once during the day. I am going to try again for as long as upto 10 days.
    Can Type II diabetic person do the master cleanse? Don’t they need protein?

  57. Can you do this while breastfeeding? Would that be a problem for being able to keep my supply up, or would that release toxins into my breast milk?

  58. I noticed you suggest the purified or distilled water for the cleanse mixture, what are the pros and cons with using alkaline water instead. Does it hurt or help or are the benefits still the same?

    Thank you

  59. Hi Zoe, where can I get information on mini-cleanses for breastfeeding moms? Thank you…..Jackie(Chicago)

  60. Hi GreenMomZoe
    You’re YouTube videos were very inspiring for me to try out the master cleanse, and I am officially starting this journey tomorrow! I do have one extremely important question though before I start and that is, can I do The Master Cleanse without the herbal laxative tea at night? I am against laxatives and don’t feel comfortable putting them in my body, I was thinking however, would I just be able to do the salt water flush at night instead of the tea?! Please respond back to me as soon as you can, it would mean the world to me!

  61. Hi Zoe! Regards from Bulgaria.! Congrats for this wonderful blog.
    May I ask you, can I do master cleanse during nursing?
    Thank you

  62. Zdravei na na tebe! 🙂

    No, it’s not recommended that you do such cleanse while pregnant or nursing. Finish your mommy “duties” and then you’ll have plenty of time to cleanse. In the meantime, eat many fresh fruits and vegetables.

  63. Hi Zoe! I did a similar cleanse with just juicing. It was great! I felt more energy and my skin cleared so beautiful! I suffer acne, which is the reason I did it. I really like the sound of the Master Cleanse. The only thing that stops me is that I am already at my ideal weight. So when I did the 5 day Juicing, I lost a LOT of weight and it didn’t look very nice. So my question : Is there a way to keep my weight while doing this cleanse?



  64. Hi Zoe! 🙂
    I’ve just started the master cleanse and I’m worried because I’m not hungry! Am I supposed to drink an entire glass when I get hungry or just enough to calm my stomach. I’ve only had 500ml since this morning at 7am and it’s not 2:32pm. Should I be worried? I have no need to have any. :/ At least I don’t feel like I do.
    Thank you!

  65. Hi Zoe,
    my hubby had his yearly physical and they noticed he has a whole bunch of protein in his urine. They recommended to lose weight. He’s on the board line of diabetic, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Is this something that you recommend him taking before starting a healthy eating life style?

  66. Hi Zoe!

    How much for shipping the master cleanse kit to Canada? Also, do medications interfere with this, and can I take my vitamins daily with this? Multi, omega 3, vit D, etc.
    Thank you,

  67. Julie, the shipping cost to Canada will be $30 USD. If you are interested in ordering, please email me at

    As for vitamins and medications, you are advised to discontinue their use while cleansing and resume once the cleanse is completed. However, if you take life supporting medications, please consult with your physician prior to doing such a cleanse. You need to be healthy and capable.

  68. Michelle, it looks like he needs a drastic change in his diet or those conditions may lead to undesirable illnesses. Starting with the Master Cleanse, one can begin to remove the buildup toxins in their digestive tract. Once they are eliminated, I recommend a vegetarian diet that includes freshly pressed green juices, fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, gluten-free grains, cage-free eggs, maybe some wild-caught fish and NO MEAT of ANY kind! I have been vegetarian for three years and my cholesterol level is 103 and LDL (bad) is 50. That’s a proof that vegetarian diets are most appropriate for keeping cholesterol under control. Hope that works for your husband. 🙂

  69. Amy, I know I am responding a little too late for your question but just in case in the future, make sure you drink at least 6 x 10 oz. glasses of Lemonade a day. It doesn’t matter if you drink a full or a half a glass. Just make sure you get that amount in. Good luck!

  70. Sandra, cleanses are designed to clean out toxic buildup in your system. When you lost pounds usually it’s due to releasing the buildup in the digestive tract. If you follow wholesome, unprocessed vegetarian diet afterward, you should not be worried about losing too much weight. Good luck!

  71. Hello Kelly. If you choose not to do the Laxative Tea (which by the way is not that dangerous if taken no more than 10 days), you need to do SWF both night and morning. The main thing is to make sure you are releasing toxins and without Laxative Tea or SWF, you would get backed up and the cleanse would be pointless. Hope that helps.

  72. Jackie, as a breastfeeding mom, I do not recommend that you do cleanses at this moment. Your diet should supply enough nutrients and calories for ample supply of milk. Please make sure to eat unprocessed, unrefined vegetarian diet high in raw foods and gluten-free grains. Once you wean your baby off, then consider cleansing. Just my opinion but you are free to do as you wish.

  73. Being that you are diabetic, I would consult your physician ASAP before undertaking any cleanse. MC contains sugar from the Maple Syrup that is immediately released into the blood stream. Therefore, anyone who is diabetic must be extremely cautious and check with their doctor first.

  74. You would get dehydrated and the cleanse may not work as effectively. There is a reason why Stanley Burroughs (the originator of MC) has recommended the ratio of at least 6 x 10 oz. glasses of Lemonade a day.

  75. Thanks for responding Zoe, are you still selling your products! What drinks do you recommend for toddlers!! (green juice, lemonade/tea). Thanks!

  76. Jackie, yes, I still sell some products. Please email me at and let me know what you are interested in.

    As for toddler drinks, I recommend almond milk, fresh juices (watered down a bit if too sweet), homemade lemonade with agave nectar, etc. Check out my blog on Summer Beverages for more ideas.

  77. Hi Zoe, does your Master Cleasne kit come with instructions on how to do it each day ie, what to drink, how much, how many time per day etc…?

  78. Sara, I do not recommend the Master Cleanse for nursing mothers. In fact, I don’t recommend any serious body cleanse while nursing. What you can do is adopt healthy habits such as drinking green juices and green smoothies which would be very beneficial for you milk supply. Consider cleansing only after you have weened off your baby.

  79. Surekha, if someone has diabetes I recommend to consult with your doctor prior to any cleanse or diet change. They are best suited to answer your questions.

  80. You would use the rest room only when you are doing the Salt Water Flash which is done typically in the morning. After that you won’t be going until it’s time for the next flash.

  81. In one of your videos on Green Smoothies (feb. 10th 2010) you referred to a chart on your kitchen wall that showed what was good to mix with what. Where can I find a chart like that?

  82. Hi Zoe,

    Your videos are very inspirational. I am determined to start and will be doing so in two weeks. I have never dieted or done any cleanses before. Few questions i wanted to clarify with you.

    Do you need to exercise at all, even a 30 min walk daily?
    I am on my feet at work about 50% of the time. But is there any exercise required to see results.

    Can i complete the cleanse without using the coconut nectar, probably loose more weight if no sweetener was added. As i said, it might sound stupid, but I am new to this and don’t know if me not using the sweetener would make any difference.


  83. Hi Zoe,

    I still had more question 🙂

    Rumour has it that SALT makes you gain weight, but you still use salt for the flush in the mornings. Please advice.

    Also thankfully i am not allergic to any foods, so hopefully should loose lots of weight. Currently i weight 166 lbs, and want to loose all my BELLY fat.

    Thanks again,

  84. Sorry, last question, Can i pre prepare the liquid for the cleanse, freeze it and consume it later. Or does it have to be prepared fresh daily ?

  85. Hi Zoe,
    I absolutely love your videos and blog, you’ve inspired me to go ahead and do the master cleanse however I have I few questions I’d be so greatful if you could answers before I go ahead and do my cleanse.

    I read the original master cleanse by Stanley Burroughs and he mentions taking papaya tables on the third day of ease out. Did you take them, if so how long did you take them for and what brand did you take?

    Also when should I start taking probiotics and for how long because the book by Stanley Burroughs doesn’t say anything about probiotics. And what brand do you recommend?

    The last question is how soon can I start taking my vitamin suppliments again after I do the master cleanse.

    Sorry for the long post I just want to make sure I do the cleanse properly.

  86. Hi what is a recommended diet after the cleanse? Do you have any information on your blog about how to get back into eating foods again?

  87. I recommend whole foods vegetarian diet. Just stay away from processed, highly modified and artificially sweetened/flavored foods. Check out my videos with FAQ’s.

  88. Hey Zoe!

    Just started The Master Cleanse today, Day 1! I am documenting the next 10 days. Gave ya props in my blog cause I liked what you had to say here!


  89. Excellent blog! Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers?
    I’m planning to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost
    on everything. Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go
    for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m completely overwhelmed ..

    Any ideas? Bless you!

  90. As a diabetic I am concerned with the carbs per day. Is there any other alternative besides coconut nectar?

  91. I’m curious if I can continue oil pulling while on my 10 day cleanse. Also, the tea puts me in agony for up to 90 minutes in the middle of the night, typically 3-4 hours after drinking the tea. Suggestions? Do most people spend a disturbed night sleep sitting on the toilet after the tea?

  92. I started the MC and it’s been 6 days of not taking the salt water solution. Today I realized it an drank it. Do I need to start over? I’ve been eliminating with the help of the laxative tea. however I feel on day 6 a bit bloated. I’m really eager to go to day 10 but not sure if it’s wise. Should I taper off with the OJ, or continue on. I’m not having the bowel movements 3 x a day, just once.

  93. The importance of the SWF is to help with elimination and to easy off the bloating. Just the laxative tea is not enough as you don’t have any solid food in your stomach. Just add the SWF in the mornings for the remainder of the cleanse. Good luck!

  94. I’m not sure what you are referring to as oil pulling. The “agony” is simply cramps that are natural when your stomach is eliminating. Once you go to the bathroom, they easy out. Cleansing is not a pleasant experience but one that we must do in order to help our bodies function better.

  95. Day 10 and felling much better. I read that you need to juice the lemons at the time you’ll be drinking it. Throughout this entire cleanse I juiced my lemons and made the drink the night before. I haven’t been getting the enzymes, and feel like I failed. I really wanted to stay on for 14 days, but feel like I will need to start over. Do you have any suggestions for me, and when is it safe after completing the cleanse to start again?

  96. I looked on Coconut Secrets website and it points out how the nectar has more fiber than other sugar substitutes. Another site said it has inulin, which gets digested by the intestine instead of the liver like other sugars (reason for lower GI). I thought the point of the cleanse was to give the digestive system a vacation and not do anything so the body could repair other things normally ignored? I’m on day five of a 10 day cleanse. I added coconut nectar on day 3 for some variety, but now I wonder if I have to start over. Is there more fiber in your process than with using maple syrup? Does the digestion work harder?

  97. where can I locate the link to your food blending chart?
    I would like to print it out.

  98. Well done!
    I’m on day 7 and although it’s about cleansing and not weight, I’m only down 2kg… Is this right? Has anyone tried te powder forms?

  99. I have started the master cleanse and I plan to go 40 days. I have done this once before, but for 21 days. I am on my third day. I find during the day……I get real foggy and run down. Then all the sudden, I get energy back and I feel sharp again. What is going on with me?

  100. Trisha, there is noting wrong. As you are cleansing you’ll be going through stages of exhaustion and then sudden surge of energy. Just complete your cleanse as you’ve done in the past. Good luck!

  101. Hello Zeo, I have an important question, I am on my almost 4th day of the Master Cleanse and using Coconut nectar instead of Maple syrup. As I have a tendency towards candida and currently still have IBS I am wondering whether its still necessary to use the laxative as my stools were always quite lose before the master cleanse although now they are like liquid with the Yoga laxative tea. If you think its better to stay on it anyway I guess I can plus I dont like the taste of the tea may be its the senna in it I dont like also I am concerned my bowels will become to dependent on the laxative tea as I am aiming for 30 days but only trying for 10 days and then if I reach that mark and feel ok will try another 10 days which brings it to 20 days and if I am still ok then will even try 30 days. I hope my question makes sense.
    Ps. its quite disconcerting when I am reading blogs or articles on other websites saying it can be dangerous for health.
    Look forward to your response.
    blessings Marina

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