Best Tasting Green Juice (kids-approved!)

Parents often tell me how difficult it is to instill healthy eating habits in their children. One of the top challenges is to get them to eat their vegetables. Some children would rather starve than eat their broccoli. Sad, sad…

As with any good habit, first you need to set it by example and second, start as early as possible. Forget the jarred baby food and overly-sugared juice beverages. Make them fresh green smoothies and green juices instead. This way kids will begin to develop taste for vegetables and associate it with positive feelings.

Denzin enjoying green juice in July 2010

My son Denzin was about 18 months old when we started giving him green juice. Actually, it was him who wanted to try it in the first place. He would see Mark and I drink our daily green juice in the morning and snatch the glass from our hands. Now at four years old, he makes his own green juice and likes to pack it for daycare every day. I would never forget when his teachers first asked what was that green “thing” I was making for him. 🙂

The recipe I’m sharing has been carefully developed over time. It’s the most requested formula by my clients who order juices from me too. Mild, pleasant and lightly sweeten, this green juice would change your perspective on how you and your family consume your veggies.

Best Tasting Green Juice

Yields 4 x 8 oz. servings


  • 1 Head Romaine Lettuce
  • 1/2 Bunch Kale (Regular of Lacinto)
  • 1/2 Bunch Swiss Chard/Collard Greens/Spinach
  • 1/2 Bunch Celery
  • 1 Fuji Apple
  • 1 Lemon
  • A few sprigs of Mint


Soak and wash all the produce with fruits/veggie wash (preferably) to remove any traces of dirt, pesticides, preservatives or waxes. Chop up celery and apple. Peel and chop up lemon as well. Put through juicer in alternating patters – follow greens with a piece of apple or celery to facilitate easier processing. Strain juice through a mesh strainer to remove leftover pulp. Pour into a glass and enjoy!



It’s always best to use organic produce in season. But if not available or if too expensive, it’s perfectly fine to use regular produce. Just make sure to soak and wash carefully so there are no traces of harmful chemicals that can end up in your juice.

Also, due to green juices’ energizing and detoxifying properties, the best time to consume is first thing in the morning or in the mid afternoon, a few hours following a meal. DO NOT consume along with solid food as it will greatly slow down the absorption of nutrients.

Enjoy and I would love to hear your feedback when you try it. 🙂



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