NEW VIDEO: Unwrapping my new blender – BLENDTEC PRO 800 (feat. Denzin)

It was exactly eight years ago when I received my first power blender – a Vitamix 5200. My mom gave it to me as a birthday present. Little did I know at the time how life-changing that appliance would become.


My Vitamix opened a whole new world of food-preparation. Rather than cooking, heating and baking, I was able to make raw food recipes that were not only loaded with nutrients, but also were quite delicious. Within the first year my family adopted a plant-based vegan diet, I lost over 30 lbs. of pregnancy weight, and went to launch my first company – RAWbundant Foods. None of that would have been possible without my beloved Vitamix (Mom, I can’t thank you enough!!!)

In the following years, Vitamix released newer upgraded models, which seemed interesting to consider as replacements. However, my Vitamix 5200 has been such a solid machine that it didn’t make sense to replace it just yet. So I waited and waited…until one day I received an email from Williams Sonoma with 25% OFF coupon inside. Actually, I was in need of a new food processor and figured to check out what WS may have available.

Not sure how but I recall stumbling across the Blendtec Professional 800 and was immediately interested in learning about its features. It was a blender like no other – a BEAST OF BLENDERS!!! It promised to replace multiple kitchen devices such as traditional food processor, mixer, grinder, etc. Offering a fully computerized menus of the options you can use, it automatically detects what you are making and decides on the best blending speed and methods to accomplish the desired outcome.

Under the hood, Blendtec Pro 800 packs an insane 3.8 Peak Horse Power motor, which is double the power of my Vitamix 5200 at 2.0 HP. The irony is that it’s 10 times quieter than my Vitamix, thanks to a new “Stealth Technology” that offers special lid over the container that significantly minimizes noise.

With so many advanced features, Blendtec Pro 800 comes at steep MSRP of $1,300. However, on WS website, you can purchase it for $799 . While WS’s coupons don’t work on Vitamix blenders, the 25% OFF coupon worked on the Blendec, bringing down the final price to $599 plus tax. Needless to say, it was an offer too good to pass up and I ordered it right away.

Buy it on Williams Sonoma Website >>Β Blendtec Pro 800Β <<Β 

Below is a video of the unwrapping which I made with the help of my son Denzin. We were so thrilled to open up the big box and begin exploring all the blender features. Please enjoy. We will be making more videos showing its capabilities in the coming days.

~ Peace & Blessings ~

@Copyright 2017 Zoe Vaklinova


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