Highlights From My 1st Raw Food Tasting Event

A week ago I held my first raw food tasting event at Rustica Restaurant in Monclair, NJ. A total of 28 people attended which surpassed my initial goal of ten. Apparently, more people are curious and want to learn about raw foods than I thought. Definitely a positive sign. My tasting has been an idea... Continue Reading →

Making Fermented Feta Cheeze Without Milk!

One of the fondest memories from my childhood¬† in Bulgaria was my grandmother Mirkah making Feta cheese. We had a farm in the country and my grandparents used raw organic cow's and sheep's milk to create yogurt, butter and cheese. Oh, the flavor and taste...permanently imprinted on my brain. I've never eaten Feta cheese close... Continue Reading →

The Ugly Truth About Dairy

Ever since we were little children dairy has been an inseparable component of our diet. Parents, teachers, doctors and media have consistently pressed us to drink more milk. If we refused, they installed fear that we won't get enough calcium and our bones and teeth won't be as strong and healthy.¬† Who would not want... Continue Reading →

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