To place an order, please email


Email a list of the items you are interested in purchasing and your zip code so I can quote you the appropriate shipping cost. Once I receive it I will email you a detailed invoice. Accepted payment methods are PayPal, VISA or Master Card. Orders are generally shipped within 48 hours.




Basic Kefir Set – $15

  • 4 Tablespoons of organic LIVING grains, enough to make a quart of kefir
  • Detailed manual including recipes (email version)
  • Access to my online blog and tutorial videos on water kefir
Kefir Grains “Food” Set – $10
  • 1/2 lb. Organic cane sugar
  • 1/4 lb. Organic palm sugar
  • 1/4 lb. Organic dried apricots (preservative-free)

Complete Kefir Set – $40 ($42 value)

  • Basic Kefir Set (the actual kefir grains)
  • Kefir Grains “Food” Set (enough for about 2 weeks)
  • Plastic Strainer (to strain the kefir grains)
  • Half Gallon Mason Jar (to ferment the kefir)
  • 12 oz. Glass Swingtop Bottle (to store the ready kefir)


Optional Items

  • Additional set of grains – $15
  • Plastic Strainer – $3
  • 64 oz. (Half Gallon) Mason Jar – $6
  • 12 oz. Glass Swingtop Bottle – $8, Buy 2 or more – $7 each
  • 1 lb. Organic Cane Sugar – $4
  • 1 lb. Organic Palm Sugar – $8
  • 1 lb. Organic Apricots – $10

Approximate Shipping & Handling

(US orders only)

  • Basic Kefir Set – $5
  • Basic Kefir Set & Additional Grains – $5
  • Basic Kefir Set & Plastic Strainer – $8
  • Basic Kefir Set, Food Set & Plastic Strainer – $10
  • Basic Kefir Set & Mason Jar and/or Glass Swingtop Bottle – $12
  • Complete Kefir Set – $15
  • Additional ingredients – contact me for an approximate estimate


To place an order please email


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  1. I’m trying to locate the 50 page book you mentioned on your YouTube video. The book was about the lemonade cleanse and other healthful items. Could you email me the name and where to get it. I tried to find it here on your blog but couldn’t. Thanks, Jaki

  2. Hello Tammie. I just emailed you the invoice for he Complete Set. Please let me know if you have trouble receiving it. Thank you. ~ Zoe

  3. I would like to order a start of grains also ask if I can use well water ? I live in the country Zip 67567 Thank you Hazel j

  4. Hi Zoe, I am looking for the link where you, in your video, tell us about how to combine different veggiies from the groups. I cannot find it. Would very much appreciate if you could help me. I have just started my green smoothie way, waiting for my Vitamix. Best wishes from a cold Sweden // Charlotta Gillgren

  5. I live in Cambodia, and my friend in malaysia told me about how effective kefir mushroom is. Now I want to buy the basic kefir set. How I can buy and go about that? Tks you in advance for your respond. Tks

  6. HI, I would like to order the kefir from you, but, can not find where to order? I would like the half gallon mason Jar an 120z swing top bottle and kefir e-mail is I will be using the visa card for this order please let me know how to order.
    I live in Michigan 1810-687-1692 PH#
    March 30,2013

  7. hi Zoe.. i live in the Philippines and i like to order kefir grains from you.. i hope you’ll be kind to sell me some.. my email is thanks a lot.. roland

  8. I ordered once from you before, 2 1/2 years ago. My grains did wonderfully however due to 2 unexpected pregnancies and two preemies I spent alot of time away from home staying at the hospital. the 3 months with my son was hard on my grains being abandoned for so long, after following the recovery steps for them they continued to grow and make delicious kefir, but the were never the same. More like mush or cream of wheat. After the second pregnancy the summer heat and the two month abandonment I think took its toll on my poor kefir finally may have perished. As many times as I have tried to revive them, they have a weird smell and are slimy. I don’t remember how much shipping was for the zipcode 29710. But I would like to order from you again. I loved my little kefir and how it continued to grow with my family. But I feel it is time to let it go. I don’t know what else to do. 😦 If you can please let me know shipping price and an invoice I would greatly appreciate it. My email is

  9. are you still selling your items? I noticed doesent look like any recent post or comments.

  10. Hi From Canada !

    Loved your easy to follow videos, I am inspired ! Do you ship to Canada ? If not any suggestions for a Canadian contact ?


  11. Your feta cheese looks amazing and I love the story about your grandmother. I am wondering if I can buy any from you, I live in Hawaii?

    I too love to invent amazing healthy recipes in the kitchen. I am transitioning into a mostly raw food diet but love feta on salads. Hook me up!

  12. Since many days have passed and no response from you leads me to believe you are no longer selling you grain. I did purchase your grain several years ago which I enjoy and was pleased with the grain. I will seek another seller, Thank you

  13. I have many allergies including lactose intolerance & severe auto immune disease . I wish to make probiotic vegables like sauerkraut but without the cabbage since I will have a reaction to that. I intend to substitute other more suitable for me vegs instead. what kind of water based starter do you suggest I use and do you sell it and how much it please. Perhaps I do not need a starter in which case, would you kindly direct me the instructions of how to make these probiotic vegetables without the water based starter on your website, if they are available, and if not, perhaps you would direct me to another site?

    best regards – Cynthia Marshall

  14. Hi Zoe! You mentioned that you have a food chart on your blog on combining foods. Where can I view this? And is this something you are selling?…Rick

  15. Judy and anyone else who is interested in purchasing water kefir grains, please email me directly at The instructions are clearly written under MY STORE tab. Requesting through comments on my blog is not recommended as I only check them from time to time. Thank you.

  16. Hi Megan, My company RAWbundant is currently in transition. As soon as I am back up and running, you will be able to purchase my cashew feta and other raw products.

  17. Hi,i just watched your video and the master cleanse is interesting me a lot, i have also search for the products in all the stores in Mauritius but haven’t got any, how do i do to get all your products. My e-mail is Thanks and hope to hear from you soon regarding the products.

  18. Hi, I am located in 98103 (Seattle). I would be interested in water kefir grains. Thank you!

  19. I am starting the Master Cleanse and wanted to know if you can drink the Water Kefir water while doing the cleanse?

  20. There could be many factors and since I am not familiar with your method of fermentation, I am not able to pinpoint the reason. If the grains are not fermenting the water anymore, than discard and get a new set.

  21. Where can I purchase the pitchers used in your video? Should I keep my grains in the fridge? Does kefir have caffeine?

  22. How to freeze the life kefir?? Use how much sugar? Howlong??
    How to restart a batch after defrosting the frozen kefir??
    How long can I refrigerate the kefir ?? How to restart it??

  23. Vicki, you restart water kefir the same as starting a new batch. Just prepare the water and drop the grains. It’ll take a bit of time to adjust but that’s normal.

  24. I send you a letter asking asking question and see if you can help me I don’t want tp pay $20. 00 more for something I think was maybe damage ? If you can help me I will appreciated. Thank you

  25. I

    would like to order the complete kefir set . Please send me an invoice. zip 16148

  26. Greenmomzoe,
    I would like to order the complete water kefir set.
    Lagrange,nc Zip 28551

  27. Hi, I was wondering how many days the master cleanse kit lasts for? Also how much for shipping to Canada?

  28. Hi ~ I would like to order the Basic Kefir Set, please. My zip is 49713. Thank you!

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