Special Gift From My Penn State Coach Russ Ross

It's often said that a person is defined not by the years they've lived but by the experiences they've gone through. For me, among those experiences one stands out - playing volleyball for Coach Russ Rose at Penn State. A few people know that about me, but I played volleyball for many years both as a... Continue Reading →

Message To The Haters Out There

Ever since I launched my blog and YouTube channels about six years ago, I have gone through all sorts of feedback from my subscribers and followers. The majority has been strongly supportive and encouraging of my efforts to inspire others to make healthy changes in their lives. Here and there, I have also received some... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon to TV Near You

I can't believe March is around the corner. Time really flies since the year began. And I realize that I have not posted new blogs for a while. Let's change this and give you some highlights of what has been going on in my life lately. First things first - RAWbundant. Since we vacated our... Continue Reading →

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