My Raw Food Journey ~ 3 Years Later

Hello Everyone!!!

It’s been a long break from blogging and I’m anxious to get back and start sharing with you again. I figured what better way to do it than to post an update on my raw food journey. With over 900,000 views and counting (!!!), my original video posted in July 2010 has generated a tremendous interest.



So many people commented saying how much they were inspired by my personal transformation. Sure, the intention was to share and motivate others to change, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the magnitude it would reach. Words cannot express how grateful I feel to have the opportunity to make a positive impact in others lives. I’m truly blessed! 🙂

And now I want to share my latest video so that you can see how I look today, three years after undertaking the raw food diet path. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to share your comments below.



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5 thoughts on “My Raw Food Journey ~ 3 Years Later

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  1. Very impressive Zoe! Especially given the length of time you have stayed focused on your goals. Inspiring to say the least.

  2. Great information Zoe, and I enjoy your videos. I recently (last year) had RNY gastric surgery, resulting in the loss off 100+ pounds. I find myself at a plateau now & am interested in starting the introduction of healthier/greener foods into my body.

    We just purchased a Vitamix from QVC, and were able to do so via the payment method as we could ill afford a lump-sum payment of such a costly unit, seeing as how we’re retired.

    I would appreciate ay information you can offer in pointing me in the right direction & where to start.

    Thank you.

  3. i have a question, so im thinking of doing the cleanse, but i didn’t see the ingredients you listed, however, can i just do the cleanse with sea salt?

  4. I’ sorry but I don’t understand your question. If you’d like to know about the ingredients for the Master Cleanse just look under the Master Cleanse Tab.

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