Stroke of Insight ~ Highly Recommended Video!

Dear Friends, I would like to share a very meaningful video with you, called "Stroke of Insight".     Imagine this... You wake up tomorrow morning and start getting ready for work just as any other weekday of your life. But something about your routine doesn't seem right. You are about to experience a brain... Continue Reading →

My Deeksha Experience

On Oct. 15th, 2007 I went through a deeply profound spiritual experience. It was a milestone in my path of enlightenment. I attended a Deeksha event in NYC. Those of you already on the spiritual path may be familiar with Deeksha, but for those that have never heard I would like to introduce you to... Continue Reading →

The Old Couple

Before I go to bed, I wanted to share with you the Highlight of my day. I went for my daily run/workout this evening as usual. On the 9th lap, right before I was about to finish my jog, I noticed something extremely beautiful that made me freeze in my tracks. Normally, I wouldn't stop... Continue Reading →

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