Happy 1st Birthday, RAWbundant!

A year ago, my company RAWbundant officially came into existence. The date was June 7th, 2010, lovingly referred to as the birth of my second “child.” It’s truly amazing to watch how a concept born into your head manifests itself into a physical entity. In this sense, raising a child and growing a business are ironically identical processes. Below is a video interview I created explaining more about RAWbundant’s journey:

What is so unique about RAWbundant Signature Products?

Our specialty is to create food products that combine outstanding taste and healthful benefits. They are 100% Raw and Vegan, FREE of processed sugars, dairy, eggs, gluten, soy and peanuts. We do NOT use any preservatives, artificial flavor and colors or genetically modified ingredients. Whether you are into healthy eating, have special diet needs or struggle with food allergies, we offer products that anyone can enjoy without guilt.

Signature Products

We worked feverishly on perfecting our Signature Products and raising awareness in the local and national community. Through tasting events we were able to gather essential feedback on what products we wanted to focus on. Quickly we realized that the Dairy-free Feta Cheezes were the Top Seller, followed closely by our delicious Cheezy Kale Chips and Sprouted Grawnola. Later in the year, we introduced the Portabello Sunburgers, Mexican Beans, Raising Rosemary Crackers and Caramel Squares. They all seem to be quite popular with our customers.

Check out our products at www.rawbundant.com





Water Kefir

Another area we expanded was the Water Kefir. Following the huge success of my video tutorial What is Water Kefir and How to Make It, I began receiving many requests to share my water kefir grains. Eventually, I started growing larger amounts of kefir grains and put together various sets for sale. Hundreds of people have purchased our kefir grains and have successfully made their own water kefir at home. You are welcome to check out our blog section Buy Water Kefir Grains for information on various packages and prices.

Master Cleanse

The popularity of my Master Cleanse videos and blogs, inspired me to write my own Complete Guide to Master Cleanse and put together the Complete Master Cleanse Set. What separates my Master Cleanse Set from others is the use of low-glycemic Raw Coconut Nectar in place of the Maple Syrup. To read more about the benefits of Master Cleanse and to purchase a set, check out my blog section All About Master Cleanse.

Vitamix, Excalibur, Omega

Not only do we provide the education for healthy eating, but we can also supply you with the necessary equipment to create delicious recipes at home. As distributors of Vitamix blenders, Excalibur dehydrators and Omega juicers, we have offered many customers discounts and competitive prices. Just contact us at zoe@rawbundant.com to learn more.

RAWbundant is a Trademark!

As soon as I registered RAWbundant as a business, I also applied for a Trademark. This was an important step of building RAWbundant as a brand so it would not be confused with any other “rawbundant” name out there. As of April of 2011 my application was approved and it’s now an officially registered Trademark.

What is next for RAWbundant?

The first year was dedicated to market research and product development. Now that the products have been established the challenge is moving from the Research & Development stage into large-scale production. I would love to see RAWbundant having its own facility, hiring its first employees and making appearance on store shelves nationwide. There is definitely a demand for our products. But to bring a product from my kitchen to the store shelf is a process that requires solid financial funding. As a self-funded company, I have to focus on raising capital through outside sources. Business plan is in the works and I hope to soon secure a prospective financier. I’m confident it will all work itself out  when the time comes.


Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who has supported my efforts in launching RAWbundant. From my family to my close friends to my dear customers to all the wonderful supporters on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter – THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! It’s wonderful to see how many people appreciate what I do. As I’ve said many times, this isn’t just about me…I’m doing what I do to serve my fellow humans and make a positive difference in the world. By empowering others to eat better and live better I get to fulfill my purpose here. Thank you, God and Universe, for allowing me to do so.

Copyright © 2011 Zoe V. All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday, RAWbundant!

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  1. Happy Birthday Rawbundant! Keep pushing all the way Zoe! Rawbundant will grow into everything you hope it will be!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to RAWbundant 🙂 You rock you !You host one of the most lovely authentic and genuinly caring sites I have ever come across , you offer wonderful information and your beauty and passion to help others is obvious . I have chronic illness and I find great comfort in all that you offer on your site I want to wish you great sucess and God blessings on all you put your hand to in the coming year and always . XOXO

  3. Hi Zoe, Thanks for the update on your remarkable journey. You have a solid company and will also have success in the near future.

    Warm wishes,
    Tam St. Armand

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