Breakthrough Update on RAWbundant

August is known to be the slowest month of the year. While for most people taking time off and getting away was a priority, things were quite the opposite here. My raw food line of products RAWbundant made some huge strides that took the way we’ve been doing business to a whole new level. So here I thought to share with you the progress we’ve made in the last month.

1. We finally got a commercial kitchen space! YAY!

For so long I’ve been trying restaurants, cafes, bakeries and catering businesses to rent some space. Nothing seemed fitting. Either the hours they offered were not good, the distance was too far, the rate was too expensive or the space they had was rather tight. Then I got the idea to go ask local churches if they may have kitchens available to rent. After trying about 40 churches near my town, I got two interested in working with me.

Father Scott from a local church in Linden, NJ, happened to be a huge fan of raw foods. What are the odds?!?! I know! When I told him what I was hoping to do with RAWbundant, he was thrilled and after getting approval from his diocese, he gave me the green light to proceed.

Next I met with the health inspectors and zoning inspectors at Linden City Hall. After hearing all about my plans, they also said “Yes”! I have submitted all necessary applications required for my operation and now waiting to get my inspections and finalized permits. It’s such a relief to know that RAWbundant now has a place to start building its business. It’s a stepping stone toward having our own customized kitchen in the near future.

2. We are going Wholesale!

With great pleasure I announce that our products are now available for purchase in select retail locations. Our first large wholesale account is Dean’s Natural Foods Market in Ocean and Shrewsburry, NJ. Since they started carrying our products, mainly Nut Cheezes and Flax Crackers, they have been selling out quickly. I conducted a couple of tastings which were very successful. We are working together on doing more tastings in September. Thank you, Dean’s, for catapulting RAWbundant into the next stage of wholesale distribution!

Delivering my first large wholesale order for Dean's Natural Foods Market - 54 Bulgarian-style Nut Cheezes!

The other locations you can find RAWbundant’s products are Natural Green Market in NYC and Giamano’s Ristorante in Bradley Beach, NJ.Β  Nature’s Corner Food Market in Spring Lake Heights, NJ, will be getting their first order and tasting next Wednesday. More opportunities are in the works.

If you know of any stores, cafes, restaurants and businesses that may be interested in our products, please feel free to pass on the information. Your help spreading the word on RAWbundant is greatly appreciated. πŸ™‚

3. Got Nut Cheeze?

If you don’t, you definitely want to try our Bulgarian-style Feta and Creamy Nut Cheezes. They have emerged as the breakthrough products of our line. The majority of people have never tried cheese made with anything other than dairy or soy. When they try my Nut Cheezes,they are pleasantly surprised how closely they resemble the dairy version. When they hear the cheeze are based on Organic Raw Cashews from Shi Lanka and fermented with dairy-free probiotic, they are immediately captivated.

Bulgarian-style Feta Nut Cheeze

We offer two different styles – Feta, which is harder, and Cream, which is softer more spreadable. The Feta flavors include Original, Garlic & Dill and Cracked Pepper. The Creamy flavors are Original and Herb. I am working on more versions such as Aged Nut Cheeze which has lower moisture and sharper taste. It’s a fantastic combination with wine and grapes. It will soon be released for sale. Message me at if you are interested in ordering information.


No doubt RAWbundant is on a roll! Things are starting to fall into place and I am super excited for all the new developments coming in the next months. Some of the projects I am currently working on are a photo shoot of my products, packaging design and a website. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

Peace, love & health ~


Copyright Β© 2011 Zoe V. All Rights Reserved

8 thoughts on “Breakthrough Update on RAWbundant

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  1. Hello Zoe, I like the work you do helping people with achieving the right foods in life to eat and enjoy this
    ‘temple’ provided (which we have to nurture for a lifetime
    here). My question is: which Alkaline foods are best for you for a woman to hold pregnancy. My wife has had three miscarriages and we are trying to have a child in our life. A Arvedic doctor said after examing that she has lots of Acid in her system thereby not being able to hold pregnancy.
    Thank you in advance for your suggestion(s).

  2. Snehal, here are some suggestions for highly alkalizing foods:

    Dark Leafy Greens – kale, collards, spinach, Swiss chard, mustard greens, etc. You can juice, steam or add them to your smoothies. Check out my Green Smoothie blog to get some ideas.
    Whole Grains that are not bleached or enriched – brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, kamut, spelt, millet.
    Foods rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids – flax and hemp seeds are great sources.
    Plant-based protein foods – nuts and seeds are much more alkalizing sources of protein than meat, poultry or fish.

    Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you so much for offering to feature my company of your blog. I would love that! Once the website and packaging is done I will be in touch.

  4. Thank you very much Zoe for your help. Yes, about a week ago we have started fresh juicing kale, cucumber, wheat grass, and bitter squash. A 16 oz glass of pure (no water added) early in the morning. We are eliminating alot of curry and hot foods from our meals. I have also started enjoying Mung Beans – which have a high content of fiber and aids in weight loss too! Also, a nice serving of vegetable brooth and fresh vegetables tastes very good and fills up the body well. Zoe, may you achieve all the great things in life…we appreciate your help….Nameste

  5. I need HELP!! I want to change to a Raw Diet, but I do not know where to begin so I am getting a balanced diet and will not fall sick due to lack of protien, minerals, enzymes etc. Do you have a cookbook or a daily menu plan so I can get started as all of this reading on Raw food overwhelms me and no one gives you a step by step plan.
    Please Help and thank you so much.

  6. Hey Zoe,
    I have been watching your youtube videos for a while. I wisho you truely the best of success with your business. I have the feeling you will make your way very quickly! You are blessed having such a supportive family and partner, I wish I had that. Keeping my fingers cross for you, greetings from Switzerland.

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