Introducing my company RAWbundant!

Update 10.03.10 – Barista Kids, the organizer of the Back to School event, featured RAWbundant on their website. To read the article, please click here.


Hey guys & girls!

I have some awesome news to share with you. I am in the process of launching my own signature line of raw organic foods RAWbundant! If you have followed me on Facebook and Twitter you are probably already aware but it hasn’t been an official announcement with the name until today. So here…RAWbundant is ALIVE!!!

The concept of RAWbundant started with my own journey into raw foods earlier this year. As I discovered the health and wealth of eating living foods, I began to experiment with ingredients and create my own recipes. First it was the raw chocolate, then the Sprouted Grawnola, then the raw cheezecakes, then the Fermented Feta Cheeze. I introduced my creations to family and friends, brought it to events and potlucks, hosted tasting dinners and the feedback was so positive and encouraging that I took the leap and found RAWbundant in June of 2010.

My vision for RAWbundant is to become a brand synonymous with healthy food abundant in living nutrients. Hence the name RAWbundant = Raw + Abundant. RAWbundant foods will gradually redefine the nutritional landscape of the traditional Western diet. I am not talking about merely selling healthy food but transmitting health knowledge, educating the consumers so they can begin to make smarter food choices for themselves and for their families. And when people become educated about their food they transform into powerful citizens who can change the system.

At the Back to School event in Montclair, NJ on 9.19.10

Big dreams I have, I know. It’s my love for my fellow human being that drives me in this new venture. What I have initiated is for all of us not just me, so with God’s and Universe’s help, I hope the dream will soon become reality.

So where is RAWbundant right now? In the initial steps of its launch. The logo was just finalized a couple of weeks ago. From all possible options I choose a sprouting seed to be the symbol of RAWbundant. The most nutritious food on land is the sprouting seed and all life begins with a seed, even human life. The slogan “Eat live. Feel alive” is short for Eat live food. Feel more alive. Raw foods tend to energize and make us feel renewed. And that’s the whole idea behind the slogan.

Eat live. Feel Alive.

Next, we are working on the website Right now there is just a welcoming page but soon there will be much more. In addition to selling my signature products on the website, I will sell high-quality raw ingredients such as organic unpasteurized almonds, Goji berries, cacao butter, etc. My company is also an official distributor for Vitamix blenders, Excalibur dehydrators, Omega juicers and the raw vegan Sunwarrior Protein. And let’s not forget the workshops and events that I’ll be holding in my state of New Jersey. I will continue writing blogs and making videos because sharing my knowledge and experience with others has been deeply fulfilling. All that will be part of RAWbundant’s website soon.

Many small steps still need to be taken before RAWbundant can officially launch. In time, everything will fall into its place. I welcome you to follow our progress via:

RAWbundant’s Facebook Fan Page

Twitter @RAWbundant

Zoe’s Facebook

Zoe’s Twitter @GreenMomZoe

or simply email me your email address at and I can add you to my email list for updates and news.

Lastly, I would like to share a video I made from last weekend’s event Back to School bash in Montclair, NJ. I had a table with my signature goodies and gave out samples. People really loved my food, and some of the customers were kind enough to share their feedback so take a look and see what they thought of RAWbundant’s creations. Many thanks to Georgette Gilmore from Barista Kids for inviting us to her event. And thanks to Alma Schneider from Take Back the Kitchen for her glowing testimonial on my Fermented Feta Cheeze. 🙂

Thank you for all your support and encouragement!  ~ Zoe 🙂

Copyright © 2010 Zoe V. All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “Introducing my company RAWbundant!

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  1. Hello,
    My wife and I have been looking for Soy-free foods for a long time now. We are having the toughest time finding soy-free chocolate. I was wondering if you were making your chocolate with or without soy?

  2. Got my first shipment today. Water Kefir and Garlic-dill feta cheeze! Rawbundant is a Godsend. Zoe, you are a gift to us all. 🙂 Thank you. xoxo

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