The Message – a poem




Tonight I am writing not as Zoe

but as a messenger who was inspired

to simply open a blank page and begin typing.

I did not plan to write the words that will follow.

I even don’t know what those words will be yet.

I have no clue why it’s happening so suddenly.

But I know the force behind it

is one of Universal magnitude.

And with that, I am surrendering

and letting if flow through my fingers…

This message goes out to all people.

To the men and to the women,

To the young and to the old,

To the single and to the attached.

To the wealthy and to the poor,

To the black, white and yellow,

To the American and to the International,

To the Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist and Agnostic.

To the ones whose hearts were shattered,

To the ones who were cheated on,

To the ones who were betrayed

and to the ones who were disrespected.

To the ones who were underestimated,

To the ones who were taken for granted,

To the ones who were stripped from their dreams

and the ones who were told, they were not good enough.

To the ones who lowered their standards,

To the ones who accepted mediocrity,

To the ones who were physically abused

and to the ones who were mentally tortured.

To the ones who grew negative,

To the ones who became callused,

To the one who lived in disillusion

and to the ones who were left behind.

To the ones who were manipulated,

To the ones who were forced to change,

To the ones who sacrificed their happiness

and to the ones who were not accepted as they were.

To the ones who were disappointed time after time,

To the ones who were told to be realistic,

To the ones who gave their heart and soul away

and somewhere along the way, lost hope in true love.

This message is for YOU!

Lift your heads up!

Stand up straight!

Light the sparkle in your eyes!

You only went through those moments,

So that you can learn more about who you are,

Become stronger and more confident,

and begin valuing yourself.

You had to reach wholeness on your own,

Understand that true happiness comes from within,

and gain appreciation for those special people

You will meet down the road.

Each disappointment and let down was a test.

A test of your true character.

A test of your human resilience.

A test to see how bad you really want it.

Because you should never settle for less,

Let someone take advantage of you,

Allow another to strip you from your identity,

and rob you from your innate belief in true love.

Don’t listen, compare or adopt

the ideology of people who are

negative and cynical about love.

Let them believe what they want.

They don’t own your thoughts.

Their experiences are not your experiences.

Don’t let the past influence your present.

Let it go peacefully.

Live in the NOW.

You are a new man. You are a different woman.

You passed your tests.

You learned your lessons.







Β© 2008 Zoe Vaklinova – All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “The Message – a poem

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  1. This is Beautiful in it’s simplicity and complexcity…and I do believe in True Love and the way it enhances your walk through life when your with Your True Love.
    (Just discovering you on YT and Blog) I spent last year,(2011), researching nutrician and tweaking a few things in my Eating Style.(don’t like the word Diet)
    This year I want to ease into even more changes in what I eat. I like your blog and the information you impart. I will continue to follow and learn. (Alice)

  2. Well said this poem will be a blessing to so many people,it may even save a life.Some people can”t handle rejection,after they feel they did their best,but still was never appreciated ,never loved,and never really understood. Thank you for that poem.

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