Lessons from my Food Poisoning

Two days ago Mark and I went to visit my parents for dinner. Mom cooked baked salmon with rice and eggplant side dishes. Being that we were so hungry and out of respect, Mark and I had some of the fish. Mind you we have been vegan for the last two years. On rare occasions we may consume some dairy and eggs when we are out but never meat or fish.

What unfolded in the next 12 hours was one of the worst experiences I have gone through – food poisoning! I cannot begin to tell you how miserable Mark and I were that night and the following day – nausea, vomiting, high fever, body aches, shivers, headaches. My condition especially got worse as the next day unfolded. I was in such pain and discomfort that Mark had to drive me to the ER. Check out my video for more detailed description of what happened:

As you saw in the video, there was no virus, infection or anything else present. My urine, blood and CAT scan results all showed normal activity. There was only one reason –Β  food poisoning due to the fish consumption. Since Mark and I eat clean plant-based diet, our bodies are very sensitive to toxic foods. If danger is detected, a normally functioning system would seek to remove the toxin ASAP. But if a person eats poor diet the toxin sensors may be congested and no longer be able to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy food.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from this experience is that I need to be extra cautious with my choices of food. It took me a long time to clean out and “program” my system to detect unhealthy foods. I also think that the way we feel about certain foods may influence how we digest them. For example, if you tell yourself that you will get sick from eating meat/fish/dairy – most likely those thoughts will materialize into an actual experience.

Lastly, I want to thank all the kind ladies and gentlemen from Facebook who poured love, support and consideration throughout their comments. Thank you so so so MUCH! You made me feel extra special and loved.Β  πŸ™‚

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  1. Thank you for the vlog Zoe! As more cautious and healthy eaters, we really need to hear this. I believe in what you said too in the written words above about if you believe that (GMO etc.) foods will make you sick, your mind will agree with that and it will happen to you. I’m so happy that you didn’t have any other issues wrong and even more happy that you are feeling better. πŸ™‚ Nothing worse than feeling so yucky and having a little one to care for too.

    Do you think you will be holding off on your MC till your more 100% or are you ready to just jump in and cleanse?! πŸ™‚ As always, your journey continues to inspire me and I thank you for your friendship and support you give me and all of us out there. Love ya!

  2. I just wanted to sympathize with you! We have greatly cleaned out our families diets and experience the same type symptoms when we consume dairy and meat (but especially non- organic meat) sometimes it feels as if it’s just in our minds, but to hear you confirm it really helps! It makes the daily choices easier when you realize how toxic these common foods are. I also find it amazing how wonderful we feel now, and look back and see how horrid we felt and just didn’t even know it. It was as if our bodies and minds were deceived into thinking that feeling terrible was normal.

    I just recently had my 5th baby. And this was my first pregnancy with the diet changes. I felt fantastic the entire pregnancy even up until the day I went into labor. I had a wonderful post partum time and 3 weeks after having my daughter I had lost almost all the weight gained (45+lbs) with only eating great food, relaxing and enjoying my newest little one.

    Everyone keeps telling me how wonderful I look! My hubby has lost 5 inches off his waist with only changing his diet!

    We are now on a plant based (mostly organic, we have very limited access to organic food in our area, an hour drive away and still limited), no dairy and no meat diet. Once a week (if that) we may eat fresh caught, eco friendly fish). These “drastic”changes are so much easier when seeing how “drastically sick our bodies were from the chemical based foods we used to eat!

    I tell everyone I meet about nutrition!

    And I rave about my kefir grains I bought from you! Thank you for being such a great voice of support.

  3. I am so glad you are feeling better! I just have to say I have really been enjoying your videos. I recently discovered you on YouTube when watching a video about Mimi Kirk. You have really inspired me. I’ve started making your green smoothie in the mornings and love it! I am a mother as well and I am looking to shed those last few pregnancy pounds and become healthier and have more energy. Thanks so much for all the wonderful advice and information!

  4. Zoe and Mark,

    I saw you YouTube cleanses online after searching hours on end for ways to lose my baby weight.

    I wanted to thank you Zoe for showing your body online because it made me realize I am not ugly and just need to get moving.

    I am a Bikram yoga instructor and used to be in amazing shape just by doing yoga everyday. I got pregnant and the heat and the style of my yoga took a major toll and I could job longer practice. I was sick most my pregnancy and craves nothing but salt and potatoes and yes- burgers.

    I ate what I could keep down.

    I am now 35 lbs from my ore pregnancy weigh. I feel sore every morning, hunger urges and bloated when I eat.

    I don’t know how to start- I feel very depressed and as much as I love my baby I feel very alone.

    I don’t know how to use YouTube and see the feeds you post. Where are you most of the time? Facebook? Where can I get updates information and follow you?

    Do you help or consult? I live in Salt Lake City. I guess you live maybe in Florida?

    I have options here locally but I don’t know where to start. The lemonade cleanse? A green amoothie? I hope you read this and please email me.

    If anything please know your posts helped me greatly one night that felt dark and sad and lonely. I appreciate your willingness to speak out and share and you are a beautiful woman- a gift to share your story.

    I showed my husband and he too thought it was great that I found someone I line who actually have me some hope.

    I am trying to get back in the yoga room- it’s hard because students keep asking me about my weight. I can’t even move in the room. I had to stop for nearly a year now.

    I can barely get in a practice because findin a sitter is so expensive. I also have less time hanni ever had. I just feel spread thin, tired and overwhelmed.

    Please, any help on just where to start that a new mom can take on with a 3 month old baby- any direction you could provide?

    Love and light

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