2012 Predictions & Resolutions

I would like to wish all of you – family, friends, customers, fans, followers and colleagues – a happy, healthy and abundant new year! It’s so exciting to start anew and think about what you’d like to accomplish. Setting up goals, committing to resolutions and crafting to-do checklists are very important practices at this moment. The feeling and energy you have in the beginning of an year always set up the tone for what is to follow later.

In my first video blog of 2012 I am sharing my own 2012 Predictions & Resolutions. It has become a tradition to make those videos starting with my first installment in 2010. Watching what I wanted to accomplish and then reflecting on what came to pass gave me goose bumps. That good feeling I had about jump-starting my professional career and devoting to the exploration of raw foods gave birth to my first business RAWbundant in summer 2010. My intuition was right on target! Perhaps my intuition about 2012 would also prove to be true.

Saturday, January 14th
It’s that time of the year again. Join me and many other people in our 1st Semi-Annual Group Master Cleanse! If you have been thinking about losing weight, getting in shape, starting a new diet or workout routine or simply feel tired and lethargic, you would greatly benefit from doing this cleanse. Just as you wash your body externally, clean your home, change the oil of your car periodically, your internal organs need the same attention to function at optimal levels. Toxins, plaque, viruses and fungi can settle over time due to processed foods and incomplete digestion. It is recommended that you do a through annual cleanse (if not seasonal) to rid your body of all the bad stuff and purify it once again.To learn more about Master Cleanse, feel free to check out my page The Master Cleanse Hub.Also, if you are on Facebook, you are invited to join my support group Zoe’s Master Cleanse Group. That will be the HUB where you will be able to share your journey, questions, observations and help one another during the cleanse.

Hope you can join us!

Get All-You-Need Supplies
for Your Master Cleanse

RAWbundant offers a Complete Master Cleanse Set that you can purchase for $80. The set includes:

  • 5 Bottles Coconut Nectar
  • 1 Box Laxative Tea
  • 1 lb. Celtic Sea Salt
  • 4 oz. Organic Cayenne Pepper or Bottle of Cayenne Pepper Pills
  • Complete Manual to Master Cleanse
You can also purchase the separate ingredients as you need them. All prices are available at my blog The Master Cleanse Hub. Email us at zoe@rawbundant.com to place your order today!
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4 thoughts on “2012 Predictions & Resolutions

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  1. Hi Zoe I have just started with Lou Corona and have been doing green smoothies and almond coconut milk I have been eating clean for a week still not going to the bathroom on my own well maybe today was a good day usually |I have to drink a cup of tea at night. but now I’m wondering if it;s all to hard on my gallbladder . I’m also a heavy diabetic so doing the Master Cleanse I’ll just have to be carefull I did one about 14 yrs ago and my augurs were always so high. I really want to do it . and I love the fact that its coconut nectar this time. have you ever helped a diabetic before. I really want to change my life around and start doing and not talking about it. I will certainly want to order some of the cellulite tinctures from you I have always used these oils but why not just have one bottle instead of 10 or 12 …okay have you started you cleanse for 2012. do you send to Canada ?? thanks so much Hugs Sheila.

  2. Sheila, shipping to Canada is not a problem. The issue is that you have diabetes. I do not recommend Master Cleanse for anyone who should watch their blood sugar levels closely. Even though coconut nectar is a low-glycemic sweetener it[s not sugar-free. Please consult with your doctor first before undertaking the cleanse.

  3. Been raw for over a year now and want to do the master cleanse.
    you make it look so easy. glad I found you!
    What I need to figure out is I am very thin (5’5” and 107lbs) from doing a juice fast last spring. I loved it but I was losing weight too fast and couldn’t get enough calories in.
    So, any ideas on my not losing weight?

  4. With this cleanse you are not losing so much muscle weight as you are removing piled up toxins and debris in your digestive tract.

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