10 Reason to Start Drinking Green Smoothies



Last December when my mom gifted me Vita-Mix for my birthday, the first thing I made was a green smoothie. I have heard so much about green smoothies that I couldn’t wait to try one. To my biggest surprise, it came out so delicious that I began drinking at least one a day. Better yet, Mark and I replaced our typical eggs & toast breakfast with a quart of the tasty green concoction.

Within a month we noticed a significant improvement in our well-being. We noticed that it filled us up, gave us immediate energy and cut out food cravings during the day. Our skin felt smoother and clearer, hair became silkier, nails grew faster, sleep improved and eliminations became more regular.

Personally, I’ve lost almost 10 lbs. just in one month of drinking green smoothies! Mind you that was in December, the month when people usually gain weight from all the unhealthy holiday food they consume. At the time, our family was still eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) with a balanced portions of animal-based foods. The only thing we did differently was substituting our breakfast with a nutritious green smoothie and what a transformation that brought to us.

Today, three months later and 24 lbs. lighter, I am writing this blog to spread awareness on the wonderful benefits of drinking green smoothies. If you are looking for a simple, easy and affordable way to improve your health, green smoothies are the best option. Below I list 10 of the reasons to start drinking green smoothies, as well as I made a video tutorial on how to make one yourself. Many people have asked me how I make my green smoothies  so I hope this blog and video will answer your questions.

1. BEST way to get more greens into your diet – according to one study conducted in 1999-2000, only 40% of Americans ate an average of five or more (1/2)-cup servings of fruits and vegetables per day. The percentage of dark green leafy vegetables consumption is even lower. Let’s face it, how many of you would eat a bunch of spinach, celery, parsley or kale in one serving all by itself? I guess, you won’t. Green smoothies provide the opportunity to consume a large amount of dark leafy greens into one serving of smoothie that actually is enjoyable to drink.

2. Chlorophyll power – in simple terms, chlorophyll is the sun energy absorbed through plants that gives them the bright green color. Without the sun, a plant would not be able to make chlorophyll on its own. In his book Juice Fasting & Detoxification, Steve Meyerowitz explains how this ‘blood of plants’ is structurally similar to hemin, the protein proportion of hemoglobin that carries oxygen in the human blood. The benefits of chlorophyll are countless ranging from its ability to deliver oxygen throughout the body to being able to reduce the binding of carcinogens to DNA in the liver and other organs to protecting us from low-level X-rays radiation coming from TV sets, computer screen, microwaves and cell phones. And one of the best ways to get more chlorophyll in your diet is, you guessed it, by drinking green smoothies!

3. Great source of protein – we have been taught that if we want more protein in our diet, we ought to eat more meat and dairy products. However, this notion is a big misconception. Have you ever wondered where do gorillas or elephants get their protein from? Their diet is plant-based. Dr. Lesley Van Romer explains in her article that amino acids, the building blocks that make up protein, are just the same whether they came from a plant or an animal. In fact, spinach is 44 % protein, the highest of all green leafy vegetables. So go ahead and throw in an extra handful of spinach in that smoothie.

4. Great source of fiber – regular consumption of fiber is crucial to our health. Fiber acts like a sponge, soaking up the toxins in our digestive tract, especially in the colon, and eliminating them from the body. Most people consume very small amount of fiber in their diets which can results in poor digestion, constipation and irregular eliminations. Green smoothies help alleviate this problem by adding fiber in a gradual and healthier way than a pill or powder can do.

5. Fabulous alkalizer – in order for our bodies to function properly they must maintain a certain pH, which reflects the concentration of hydrogen ions in any given solution. The relationship is measured on the scale of 1 to 14 with 7 considered neutral or perfect balance, states Robert Young, author of The pH Miracle. If one’s body becomes too acidic, he or she will become prone to illnesses and infections. Since green smoothies contain fruits and dark leafy greens that rank high on the alkaline scale, one could easily maintain healthy pH by consuming them daily.

6. Greater nutrient assimilation – you may like eating your greens but to reap the maximum nutrition value, their cells walls must be broken. Victoria Boutenko, a pioneer in the green smoothie movement, writes in her book Green for Life that to rupture the cell walls of dark leafy greens we literally have to chew them into a creamy consistency before we swallow. That’s just humanly impossible. The problem can be easily solved by throwing the greens with other fruits into a high-power blender such as Vita-Mix, which is capable of rupturing the cell walls, and thus increasing the nutrient absorption in our body.

7. Weight loss promoter – I don’t need to quote an expert here because I can tell you from experience, drinking green smoothies had drastically cut down mid-day or late-night snack cravings. There is something about them that regulates your appetite so you don’t experience highs and lows during the day. Their balancing ability makes green smoothies perfect for meal replacement in a weight loss regimen. As I mentioned in my opening paragraphs, I was able to lose almost 10 lbs. just by drinking green smoothies for breakfast.

8. Healthier skin, hair and nails –the ability to provide fiber and alkalize the body makes green smoothies a fantastic addition to your beauty routine. Instead of applying a potion externally, think of green smoothies as drinking the potion internally. The cleansing and detoxifying ability of dark leafy greens aid with the elimination of toxins and establishes healthy intestinal flora. As a result, your skin will become clearer, your hair will get shinier and softer, and your nails will grow faster. Who wouldn’t want that?

9. Kids love them! – having a year-old son I was concerned with how to get more vegetables in his diet. He enjoys the sweetness of fruits but when it comes to veggies, it’s a hit or miss. My concern is now gone because Denzin loves drinking my green smoothies. I make extra for him, pour into his sippy cup and he chugs it down in one sitting. If you have toddlers or little children who refuse eating their green veggies, try the smoothie approach. Once they get passed the green color they’ll love the taste.

10. Budget-friendly – finally, you may think it costs more to add green smoothies to your diet because you’ll have to buy more fruits and dark leafy vegetables, but I’d like you to consider this. According a 2007 study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans spent nearly $15 billion on alternative medicine drugs and supplements. Instead of spending money on various supplements, you could just get the whole foods and blend them into a smoothie. It will provide you with an abundance of live enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Simply put, drinking green smoothies is much more economical than drinking expensive supplements.

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons for you to start making green smoothies at home. If you need some tips and advice on how to make them, just watch my video tutorial below. That will give you a good basic information. For more green smoothie recipes, check out Victoria Boutenko’s blog Raw Family.

Also, make sure to download and print the food combining chart I have attached here. It’s very important to understand the combining of foods so that you’ll get the maximum nutrition value from them.



Green smoothies on the house! Cheers! 🙂

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77 thoughts on “10 Reason to Start Drinking Green Smoothies

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  1. Hi Zoe,

    Thanks so much for the info, recipes and chart. Loved your presentation! I have been enjoying green smoothies for the last few month’s with my 12 year old daughter. They are such a wonderful way to start the day and we’re feeling so much healthier. Look forward to the next instalment. Thanks again.

    Love Faye

  2. Hi Zoe,
    I found your blog this weekend, and the idea of green smoothie sounded very interesting!
    So I thought I’d try it, and we started drinking it this Sunday morning.
    Both my husband and I have a few pounds to drop (at least 10, but about 20 on the long run), so I’m looking forward to the next few months.
    Thanks for the sharing on your blog!!
    Greetings from Hungary! 🙂

  3. Bee, that’s truly fantastic! I’m glad to hear my blog has reached you in Hungry. 🙂 Btw, I am originally from Bulgaria. 🙂

  4. Zoe, I read that in your info, that’s why I thought you’d be glad to hear about readers from over here. 🙂
    But it’s still Hungary, with an ‘a’ in the middle… 😉
    Anyway, first workday with a green start went well, I thought I’d be really hungry by 10-11, but I was OK, I had lunch in normal lunchtime.
    I already told my colleagues about the smoothie, so you might get some more followers! 🙂
    Thanks for the great tips again!!

  5. Zoe- Great blog! I just found you through the blog thread on Raw Food Rehab. I can also attest to the benefits of green smoothies. I’ve been drinking them for almost 2 years now and feel better than ever. Plus I love the way they taste, yummy 🙂

  6. Hey Nikki! Thanks for finding my blog on RFR. I love that social network! Green smoothies are fantastic, aren’t they? I just had one for breakfast this morning, an hour after my green juice. Oh, it was tasty! 🙂

  7. Hi Zoe,

    I just received my Vita-Mix for my birthday and I am super excited to start my Raw Food Journey. BTW, you have inspired me even more!!! On your youtube video you mentioned the food combination chart. Is it possible for me to get a copy? Thanks!

  8. This is so great! Thank you!!! I just printed out your chart and will post it in my kitchen above my vitamix. Thank you!! xx

  9. Thanks, Zoe, for your wonderful presentation. I was going to purchase a juicer this week so I could begin consuming the wonderful nutrients in leafy greens, but instead I’m going to stick with my blender and make green smoothies!

  10. I am confused… i printed your Food Combining Chart to start making Green Smoothies and then noticed that your recipe in the video for green smoothies doesn’t follow the rules. Kale is below the red line that states “Do not mix foods across this line.” Why does the guy recommend not mixing foods across the line?

  11. That’s a great achievement, with only one change to your diet!

    I just started making green smoothies in the morning, and they are delish! I am excited to see what changes happen within a few months.

    Great blog btw.

  12. HI Zeo

    I just wanted to let you know that I have been watching your youtube post not stop since yesterday. I just found out that I have PCOS and I’m trying to better my health so that I can better my fertility. I saw on one of your clips that you said there was a chart on your page. That would let me know what veg’s and fruits I can and can’t eat together… I wasn’t able to located. Also do you offer personal classes to ppl closed by

  13. Hi, I love your videos…I do have a weird question. I have been large for a while now. I heard in one of your videos, I believe it was the one wear you are wearing your white bathing suit…that you are around 160-165? I was wondering how tall are you? If you are 5’6″, you give me hope knowing that I do not have to go as low as 125 as according to all these size, weight and height charts online say I have to get. I am 38 and seriously doubt 125 would be okay after so many life happenings. Anyway, love your vids and thanks for encouraging people online.

  14. Your chart shows not to have nuts with fruits, yet you are using almond mylk in your smoothie. I’m confused…

  15. That’s true but the almond mylk does not include the pulp. The chart is a good reference but when you make smoothies, you don’t have to follow it to the T each time.

  16. Hi, your video tutorial is no longer on the blog. I was interested in getting started making green smoothies as well as possibly purchasing some of your juices as well. Is there somewhere I can go to see the video. Thanks.

  17. I wish somebody would tell me how they make there smoothie’s because my oldest son is raw and drinks green smoothie’s both him and his girlfriend but to me they are grose I have to drink them down in a one it’s a case of one two three go and down it how anybody can say they are, the only green drink I like is the one made with almond mlyk.

  18. Greetings from France…
    Thanks for the great videos – I particularly liked the food combining chart which has helped me in making my transition to raw foods. I have been drinking green smoothies every day for breakfast with nothing else until lunchtime. I think the most important thing is balancing the amount of fruit with the greens, sometimes for additional sweetness I add a couple dates but never nut milk or anything with fat.
    I also was wondering how tall you are after watching your weight loss video.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. Merci beaucoup pour ce beau travail qui nous permet de profiter des bienfaits des smoothies .
    Encore Bravo chère amie and thank you very very much
    La france vous remercie !!!

  20. I also noticed that Kale is under the red line and not to be mixed with the fruits. I am confused.

  21. Hi, thanks for this excellent recourse, I tried to follow along but added a few frozen berries and my smoothie went brown 😦 it still tastes good but the color is a bit much…

    I had the same question as Spider #14, does the ‘don’t mix across this line’ mean don’t combine melons and protein …I was confused since all the greens are below that red line 🙂 Thanks

  22. I Love this site. I cannot for the life of me locate the food chart. I’ve looked everywhere on here. Can you post the link to where it’s located please?

  23. At Lea: the link is right under this paragraph:
    Also, make sure to download and print the food combining chart I have attached here. It’s very important to understand the combining of foods so that you’ll get the maximum nutrition value from them.

    ZoeV: I too am perplexed about the combining of fruits and non-starch veggies. I totally get why you wouldn’t want to subject the stomach to “mixed” digestion..yet you have those contradictory combinations. Please help me to understand…Thanks.

  24. Hi Zoe, I’ve been reading your blog, tried your Green Smoothie and enjoy the helpful information. Thank you.

    My question has been asked above a couple of times:

    If we are not to cross the red line, how is it acceptable to combine fruit and greens in the smoothie and still be following the chart correctly??? Really want to have the green smoothies, but I don’t want to combine fruits and green veggies if it’s not good for me.

  25. Hi Zoe…I’m interested in trying the green smoothie. Your video wasn’t working properly and only your voice was heard which makes it difficult for me to understand. I’m not sure if your videos are in caption for the deaf and hard of hearing. If im unable to lip read you in your videos, captioning would really help for most of us in order to understand. I do recall you signing a little bit in one of your earlier videos I saw last year with your boyfriend Mark. Would it be possible to email me your green smoothie recipe and instructions on how to make them? I would really appreciate it if you have the time. BTW…hello to Mark as I’m an old friend from Gallaudet. Congrats to you on the launching of your new product line RAWbundant!

  26. I’m having stomach pain and nausea due to nerves. I can’t eat anything acidic. I take Probiotics. I’m ready to move transition from my current Vegetarian Diet (which includes occasional eggs and fish) to a Raw Foods (Vegan) diet. I came across your videos and blog site today and I really connected with it. I am going to try the Green Smoothie every morning! Is there anything else you can point me towards?

  27. The link to the Food Combining Chart just brings me to a bear share search engine! Can you please post the chart so I can make a printout of it? Thanks!!

  28. Can you post a recipe for the almond milk step-by-step and where did you get that glass pitcher? Thanks

  29. Hello Zoe,
    I just ran across you blog today. I must confess you are a breath of fresh air.
    Your story was raw and honest and frankly, compelling. I just purchased the Vitamix (awaiting delivery) and was cruising about for information on green smoothies etc. Your enthusiasm is infectious. I try to download the food combining chaert but I was meet with this message: Error code 404
    Access denied, or file does not exist ..
    I’m I doing something wrong???
    Thanks Ray

  30. Hi Zoe,

    I am inspired by your green Smoothies but even after several attempts i am unable to access your “FOOD COMBINING CHART “. Every time the following message comes up:
    Error code 404

    Access denied, or file does not exist
    can you please guide me how to get the CHART.

  31. Hi Zoe
    I clicked on your link above for the food combining chart but it just comes up with an Error Code..Is there anywhere else I can get a copy of the chart?
    Thanks 🙂

  32. Hello Zoe..Thankyou so much for the info on green smoothies..I am considering buying a good food processor..I really need your chart about combining acid foods with alkaline ones..Could you please reprint the chart? Also, one thing more. I am having trouble getting my body to shake my fat. I have been eating only whole good foods with no sugar added..What are your suggestions regarding shaking the stored fat? I am 59 pounds..I am working out everyday..have lost some inches but the fat remains..especially on my waist, tummy and hips..help! Thankyou so much for your suggestions.. Francie Beaverton, Oregon

  33. Zoe I have a conventional blender and Juicer, will I get the same results if I juice the greens and blend the juice with the fruits?

  34. Hi Zoe, my name is Helene and I reside in South Carolina, USA. I was diagnosed this past week with several painful, degenerative diseases affecting my bones and muscles, such as rheumatoid arthritis, spinal stenosis…because of this I’m in pain 24 hrs a day and at risk of not being able to do my job for much longer which is a frightening thing to me…I have made a decision to try to change my diet, one that will include more healthy foods like vegetables and fruit in season…today I will purchase all the ingredients I need to make your green smoothie, I am fortunate enough that I already own a Vita Mix so now begins my journey to losing 80 pounds and better health, I will be following your blog for encouragement and will let you know how I am doing on my recovery to health and beauty…thanks for all you do and by the way you look fabulous!…Hélène

  35. Hi Zoe,

    Just found your cool web site and printed the Food chart. I have just started a web site about Health, Wellness and the Law of Attraction. (www.healthanwellness.us) You can see my garden on wheels. It’s a simple web site and I work on it when I can.


  36. I tried to pull up the Food Combining Chart and it wouldn’t work. If you can email it or sent it to me another way, I would appreciate it!! Thanks 😀

  37. Hi Zoe, I can’t seem to view your combining chart. Thanks for all your tips and information.

  38. Hi ZoeV, love to see ur blog here but as anyone else, I can’t download the chart. it give me and error msg. Please help to send it to my email. TQ so much for the inspiration.

  39. I don’t know why you are getting the error message. I just tested the link above again and it’s working fine. Maybe it’s your computer.

  40. Hi Zoe, I love your blog so inspiring. I am getting started on green smoothies now, I know it must be frustrating but I also cannot receive this chart. When I clicked the link it comes up with Oops!

  41. Thank you Zoe for the chart…I am planning on getting my meat lover husband and a year old daughter on greens ( fruits and veggies) The chart helps alot and makes it easier for me to decide which to blend with what… I clicked on the link and the chart came up fine

  42. According to your food chart Kale and banana are food that shouldn’t be mix. But you made a smoothie of it. Very confusing.

  43. Hallo Zoe, please let me know, where I can find your List ” how to combine fruits”, can´t find it!
    Love Margret

  44. I have tried opening your food combination chart on many different computers and cannot get it. Can you maybe remove and re add it to fix the problem? Or email it to me? Thanks!

  45. I’m sorry you have trouble. I have posted and reposted the link more than a dozen of times. There is not much I can do. Maybe try to copy and paste in your browser?

  46. It’s best you don’t use soy products much as they have high estrogen levels and could be GMO. Almond milk is so much better!

  47. Hello and thanks for the site. On the combining chart, it looks as though combining kale and bananas are not recommended. Am I looking at the chart wrong?

  48. Hi Zoe. My name is Sage Jaboa Wood and I am very happy to have found you on You Tube. 1000 bows to you for all the info you provide. I am going to try your green smoothie this weekend. Thanks you again so much and I wish you and your dear Family the very best of Luck in Life.

  49. Hi Zoe… Where can i find the “Alkaline chart” you had on the wall?… it was on the wall next to the food combining chart in the video… Thank you

  50. dear Zoe my name is Bob I have a few questions about green smoothies I recently found out I am A fib and diabetes I am on blood thinners and diabetes medicine before I found out this I was very much into Herbal medicines now I’m not sure what to do I would appreciate any feedback you can give me

  51. Hi,
    My sweet husband bought us a NutribulletRx so that we can improve our health. I christened our new blender with your Perfect Green Smoothie recipe today. I have to admit it wasn’t bad at all! There was no kale taste whatsoever. The banana was the predominant flavor. I look forward to perusing your blog to learn more!

  52. Robert, the best thing is to consult with your physician prior to starting any new diet. You have particular medical conditions and I’m not certified to make suggestions as they may possibly alter your well being. Please talk to your physician.

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