A Lesson in Unity


When it comes to defending your own nobody knows this better than animals. I would like you to watch this video called “Battle at Kruger.”






First, you are witnessing the battle between the lions and the crocodile for the baby buffalo. Just when you think the lions won their prey, a huge herd of buffalos arrives to set the baby buffalo free. The unity of the buffalos is marvelous! They could have let the baby buffalo be eaten by the lions. which is what normally happens in the animal kingdom. BUT THEY DIDN’T! They knew that if only the mother or the father of the baby buffalo tried to free her child from the lions the attempt would have failed. As a group, they were much stronger and more successful than individually.


We, humans, may think we are more intelligent species than animals but look at how divided we are. Some people would sell their own just to get ahead in their personal pursuit of fame and fortune. The division of the human race is most obvious in our government. When we elect our politicians we expect they would protect and defend us. In reality, the exact opposite is happening. Regardless of party affiliation, our politicians would sell us in a heartbeat when a big corporate lobbyist throws them a bone.


As we remain divided, we let our rights to be abused, our freedoms to be taken from us and our human dignity to be stripped away by our “beloved” politicians. But I believe that some day, it may take the abuse of only one of our children and at that moment, for the first time, we will stand up as a WHOLE and defend our basic human rights. Just as those buffalos knew they would only be victorius as a group, we will realize that change comes only when we put our differences aside and act as ONE!


© 2008 Zoe Vaklinova – All Rights Reserved

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