My Master Cleanse Journey – Day 14 Update

We officially made it to day 14! Yay! Originally, we planned to do only 10 days but after reading an the inspirational story of Harold Linde, who completed successfully 45 days on master Cleanse, we felt inspired to continue just a little longer. Our new goal is to make it to day 20 and break... Continue Reading →

How to make the Master Cleanse Lemonade

It's day 6 of my Master Cleanse journey. Both Mark and I have made it over the hump. Yay! What an interesting roller coaster experience this has been. The first couple of days were easy but the last 3, oh boy, not so much. Dealing with the cravings and the lack of solid food is... Continue Reading →

My Master Cleanse Journey – Day 1

Happy New 2010 Year!!! Hope it was a great celebration for all of you. 🙂 If you have watched my NY resolution video below, you are probably aware that one of the areas I'll be focusing my attention on the year will be health and wellness. To jump-start my transformational journey I have decided to... Continue Reading →

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