The “Benefit” of Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationship are all around us. They are more common than the satisfactory ones. We've encountered them in just about every aspect of life - love, family, friends, career, health or politics. The best way to recognize if you have a toxic relationship in your life is by measuring the ratio between the amount of... Continue Reading →

The Old Couple

Before I go to bed, I wanted to share with you the Highlight of my day. I went for my daily run/workout this evening as usual. On the 9th lap, right before I was about to finish my jog, I noticed something extremely beautiful that made me freeze in my tracks. Normally, I wouldn't stop... Continue Reading →

The Balloon Theory

"If we change in different directions, then we don't have any future anyway, do we? I think it's possible for two people to change together, to grow together and enrich instead of diminish each other. The sum of one and one, if they're the right ones, can be infinity! But so often one person drags... Continue Reading →

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