Growing a Raw Food Baby

Update 4.9.2010 -Our story is not featured on Barista Kids, a local website designed to give parenting ideas, tips and advice. We would like to thank its editor Georgette Gilmore for being so kind to spread the word on the benefits of raising children the raw food way. You can read the article here Raw... Continue Reading →

10 Reason to Start Drinking Green Smoothies

>> FOOD COMBINING CHART << Last December when my mom gifted me Vita-Mix for my birthday, the first thing I made was a green smoothie. I have heard so much about green smoothies that I couldn't wait to try one. To my biggest surprise, it came out so delicious that I began drinking at... Continue Reading →

Expectations – a poem

          People often ask me, aren't your expectations of others too high. Perhaps, I answered.   I Ask them to enrich my life without offering me wealth. I Ask them to give me their unconditional acceptance without manipulating me. I Ask them to communicate to my soul without speaking a word.... Continue Reading →

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