The Interconnected Tree of Life

This morning a moment of truth flashed before my eyes. Light rain was drizzling over the tree in our backyard. Most leaves had already fallen to the ground but there were still many left, clinging to the branches for one last chance to be part of the mother tree. Don't ask me why but the... Continue Reading →


As this week is beginning, I would like to give you a theme to ponder in the coming days. It's a theme that you've been pondering since you began creating your memory as a child. That theme is Truth. Aren't we all naturally-born truth-seekers? We all want to learn the Truth but when we think... Continue Reading →

My Deeksha Experience

On Oct. 15th, 2007 I went through a deeply profound spiritual experience. It was a milestone in my path of enlightenment. I attended a Deeksha event in NYC. Those of you already on the spiritual path may be familiar with Deeksha, but for those that have never heard I would like to introduce you to... Continue Reading →

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