The Talent Within

    Within each one of us there is a special talent waiting to be born at any time. Some of us are even aware of their talent and have been thinking about it for a long time. Sadly, doubt and fear of rejection have suppressed our desire to express that talent and over time... Continue Reading →


    As I grow older I've changed my perception of people with different opinions than mine. I used to get upset when someone disagreed with me. Sometimes I spent hours of energy and effort trying to convince them in the rightfulness of my argument. Today I praise and respect people with different opinions even... Continue Reading →

The Key to Changing Others

    Could the key to changing others be unconditional love? Is it possible to transform someone without intentionally trying to change them? We know how hard it is for us to change let alone ask another grown adult to do the same. Perhaps next time instead of asking for change tell the person that... Continue Reading →


    From the moment we begin speaking, the first words that come out of our mouth are in the form of questions. Our inexperience drives our curiosity to learn as quick as we can. While we are young our questions are simpler and the answers are easy to find out. But as we grow... Continue Reading →

Fullest Potential

    Living up to our fullest potential is the only way to have a life free of regrets. We can always find an excuse to why we can't do something. We limit our potential so that we can live comfortable lives. But God didn't intend for us to live comfortable lives. What He intended... Continue Reading →

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