Conventional vs. Organic Produce (the Stanford U study)

In the midst of sea of the election coverage a different kind of news caught my attention yesterday. Stanford University released a study that compared the nutritional benefits of organic and conventional produce. The findings were startling: "Th study, which spanned four decades of research, concluded that fruits and vegetables labeled organic were, on average,... Continue Reading →

FOOD, Inc. – Movie Review (video)

I am proud to make an announcement that I started my own Youtube channel GreenMomZoe dedicated to educating and sharing information on green and spiritual matters. Last night I created my first vlog (video blog) and I’m very excited to share it with you. My Youtube channel will serve as an extension of my blog.... Continue Reading →

Green Festival 2009 Recap

Imagine a place where many upbeat, positive and enthusiastic people gather. A place where the only food served is organic and natural. A place where hybrid vehicles, solar panels, rain barrels, and compostable toilets are not the exception but the norm. A place where everything is recycled and nothing is wasted. A place where you... Continue Reading →

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